Company Profile

NEEN is a Managed Service Provider, whose payoff, Cloud Independent and Cloud Specialist, talk more than any other word.

We take care of analyzing and designing Cloud architectures for web projects, from the most mission critical with a tailor-made approach to the more standard ones.

The Setup of any of the Customer’s project we take care of is not the end itself, in fact we consider the real beginning of our partnership with the Customer once the project passes in production, the moment in which we activate our monitoring, management and assistance services (Fully Managed Service), but also value-added services in the context of Performance Management (CDN, Application Performance Monitoring, Caching boosts, etc…), Security Services (WAF, DDoS protection, Malware detection, etc…) and Business Protection (DR, Business Continuity, etc…).

As an independent player we operate and we are certified on the major Public Clouds; in addition, we control a company that provides private cloud services for a more conservative but equally performing approach, and we also use bare-metal solution providers; all in the name of independence, better technological fit with respect to the project and a cost-benefit trade-off.

For NEEN, eCommerce has always been a primary target: we have best practices for various platforms and we are experts in containerization, high-performance hosting configuration, CI/CD processes and technologies, highly scalable architectures based on K8s as well as Integration environments.