Company Profile

Metaxy is an innovative company, desired and created by Dataexpert, which boasts significant experience gained in the world of online sales, communication and technological innovation, with the aim of supporting Italian companies in the digital transformation of the company, omnichannel communication and interaction with consumers through the conception, planning and implementation of advanced solutions and projects functional to development and renewal  of their business on digital channels. 


Metaxy therefore aims to contribute significantly to the growth and development of its customers, acting as a consultant and service provider through the use of technological platforms able to cover the entire sales cycle from customer engagement to product delivery. 

Our solutions for companies go beyond the concept of the traditional eCommerce Service Provider (ESP) as they integrate tools and services capable of satisfying very important, but often overlooked, aspects such as the different tax policies of individual countries, the secure management of multi-currency economic transactions, the Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and the complete management of the logistics chain and transport of products to the final consumer (Fulfillment). 


Digital Transformation today is a phenomenon that pervades all economic sectors and is radically and quickly changing the life habits of each of us. However, it is necessary to do things well, to have a clear online strategy capable of creating interest and engagement and above all tools and skills able to manage the real growth of the business on digital channels. Metaxy does just that.