Company Profile

Founded in 2018, LegalBlink is the first legal document generator for e-commerce. Founder of the project is lawyer Lorenzo Grassano, who has been assisting important companies in the digital and ecommerce world since 2011 and has 10+ years of experience in privacy and GDPR.

In a short time LegalBlink has become the legal reference for more than 300 web agencies and thousands of e-commerce and showcase sites.

LegalBlink is partner of several CMS platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop, Storeden and 1Minute Site.

With LegalBlink the user generates the legal documents of their website, or they can decide to rely directly on LegalBlink's lawyers.

LegalBlink offers all the tools to have a web site compliant with the law, such as the cookie banner generator and the "consent log" for the use of cookies.

For specific digital projects, it is also possibile to take advantage of the legal assistance of LegalBlink's team of lawyers, all experts in e-commerce, privacy and digital law.