Company Profile

Kooomo works with clients to maximise all digital sales channels globally by combining our expertise and next-generation platform in a proven and affordable digital commerce cloud solution. Built by e-Commerce managers and named in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, Kooomo’s platform brings together every piece of the digital commerce puzzle.

Our in-house team of experts work hand in hand with world-renowned businesses to increase revenue by an average of 20%. We know what works. The Kooomo platform has powered over 1 billion transactions, and our flexible revenue-share model means that we're all driven to succeed, and our goal is to deliver the best possible experience to our customers.

Our extensive partner ecosystem, with world-class technologies, gives businesses instant access to aggregators across the categories of sales, marketing, project management, payment gateways, courier networks, among others and ensures companies are future-proofed to keep up with the evolving digital commerce landscape.

Kooomo services a diverse range of customers worldwide, including Morrisons, Nutmeg, Butlers Chocolates, Avoca, CP Company, Miss Bikini, Umbro, MotoGP, Blundstone and Blauer USA.