Company Profile

Our mission?

We assist companies in their selection and adoption of software tools to innovate their business, as a company we strive to expand our portfolio with new technological partnerships in order to contribute towards making the Italian digital environment more competitive internationally.

What's different from last year?

Many things. 

Our portfolio has some new entries and now it really gives to the merchants the opportunity to handhold the user from the first click in homepage up to the check-out (and beyond). Intergic's customer journey begins with the personalization and the A/B testing by Kameleoon and goes on with search and navigation by FACT-Finder and the customer support through a crowdsourcing platform named Guuru, targeted products recommendation by CRO_BRAIN. The journey ends with the smoooth payment options (pay now and pay later) offered by Klarna. You can keep in touch with your customers creating professional and fun newsletters with CleverReach®.

This year, we also have a focus for fashion brands: MySizeID, a sensor-based measurement technology.

Some customers who have already chosen us:

Mediaworld, Euronics, Canali, IBS e Feltrinelli, Hoepli, Monclick, Piquadro, Pixartprinting, Maxi Sport, Profumeria web, Amica Farmacia, Holyart, Sportler, Bonprix, Farmacia Rocco, Martha's Cottage, Sofidel, CRAI and many more.