Consulting, Strategy & Agency

Company Profile

Intarget is a partner for strategic consulting on the customer journey.

Founded in Pisa in 2001, it now has five additional offices in Milan, Rome, Lugano, Geneva and Shanghai.

For the past twenty years, it has been supporting national and international companies operating in business and consumer markets by developing effective and measurable brand strategies for optimal customer journey coverage.


Thanks to an international team of over 180 professionals, it aims to improve the interactions between people and brands, making the most of the potential offered by digital technologies and creating innovative solutions.


The solutions ecosystem consists of three centers of excellence:

  • Marketing solutions for cross-media and cross-national consulting for activities covering the full customer journey.
  • Data & Tech solutions, including the integration and implementation of technological infrastructures and advanced platforms (cloud and A.I.) capable of enhancing marketing.
  • Creative solutions for the planning and design of the User Experience and digital property interfaces focused on the design and creation of multimedia content such as video, photography, motion graphics, 3D, and post-production that turns touchpoints into memorable experiences.