Company Profile

Green.Click Media Group started in Denmark in 2009 with the mission to help and sustain the SME in their growth in the online Market as well as helping them reaching a preminent position on the Search Engines. In 2014 Green.Click Media® Group comes to Italy. In February 2014, with its Headquarter in FANO, Green.Click Media® Italia brings to Italy the same strong Skills, innovative Ideas and Specialisations in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Adss and SEO that helped becoming a success in the Scandinavian Market.It’s very important to us to make our customers active players in the process of how to allocate their budget and how to pursue the right strategy in order to make them aware of their investments and how to reach together their goals. This allows us to monitor together the progresses and to understand how to use at best the resources at disposal to optimize the results.We use the best available technologies on the market, we dedicated ourselves to the development of new solutions, and we are always updated on the emerging trends: all of it to guarantee the best online success to our clients!

Green Click Numbers: 

60 People: 35 in Denmark – 21 in Italy – 7 in Bulgaria.
26 Certified Google Ads Manager (61 certifications in total)
Second company in Europe for growth in Budget Google Ads managed in 2016.
Since 2017 among the 25 companies in Europe for volume of Budget Google Ads managed. More than 1500 free Google Ads and Facebook Ads Check Up accounts in 2019