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GLS, one of the main express courier players, offers reliable solutions for the shipment of goods in Italy, Europe and all over the world. Europe is the reference market; in North America GLS is present in 8 countries and in Canada. With its own companies and partners, the Group covers 45 countries and is globally connected via contractual agreements. GLS has about 70 transhipment points, around 1,400 depots, around 26,000 delivery vehicles and about 3,500 long-distance trucks.

In Italy, the Express Courier is widespread throughout the country: with 152 depots and 14 transhipment points, GLS ships within 24 hours to most of the Italian peninsula.

For the world of e-commerce and the B2C market, GLS offers a range of specific services. E-comService is a dedicated service that makes the control of the entire shipping process more direct and relieves the merchant from the management of the typical problems of delivery to private individuals. With Info-Service, moreover, it is possible to warn the recipient by e-mail or sms on the same day of delivery.

To meet the needs of private individuals, who may have difficulty in receiving packages during the working week, SaturdayExpressService has been implemented. This service provides for delivery on Saturday to over 500 Italian cities.

Two great new features are FlexDeliveryParcelService, which guarantees increasingly flexible deliveries even abroad, and ReturnService, which aims to streamline and simplify the return management procedure: with a single click, in fact, the sender can generate the link to be sent to the recipient, who can access a dedicated web page of the GLS website to organize his return; he can choose a home collection of the return or the drop-off option, that is the delivery at one of the more than 150 GLS depots or at a GLS Shop.

GLS has also created Sell&Send, the management platform that optimizes the flow of shipments from e-commerce or from the windows of the main marketplaces.

To learn more: www.gls-italy.com | www.gls-newsroom.it

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