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Company Profile

iCatalogue is a Unified Electronic Commerce platform dedicated to Brands and Wholesalers.

We offer companies a complete system to excel in the mission of converging the consumer online experience with that in the stores of their retailers in a functional, performing and extraordinarily satisfying way.

iCatalogue is a Saas Omnicommerce platform with extremely high performance, which allows its subscribers to make purchasing dynamics unique on different physical and digital channels.

It has operating environments for B2B Commerce, Integrated B2C Storefront, Mobile Order Taking and Marketplaces Bridge.

iCatalogue therefore offers the possibility of extending its sales dynamics to modern omnichannel scenarios with participatory order acquisition models.

The use of the platform enables the implementation of B2B2C strategies in an easy, scalable and secure way, guaranteeing maximum speed in the activities of integration with corporate transactional software.

Every year, the iCatalogue platform manages hundreds of millions of Euros of transactions and billions of sessions in many countries of the world.

ICatalogue's TCO and its average project implementation time reduce the average parameters of solutions known on the market.

Its fundamental functions are decidedly appreciated by every user:

  • acquisition and management of orders in omnichannel mode (B2B, B2C, InStore, Main Marketplaces);
  • single centralized Order Management System platform;
  • payment system integrated with the major world gateways;
  • on board Product Information Management;
  • holistic 360 degree view of the customer;
  • canvas management engine and promotions in ERPless mode;
  • dynamic aggregators for managing experiential dimensions of access to information;
  • logistic plans management that can be integrated with each WMS with Multi Warehouse vision;
  • high integration capability with any ERP system;
  • integrable with the main CMS and Shipping Management systems;
  • integrable with the main international Marketplaces.

The average increase in the conversion rates of its customers regularly exceeds 25% on an annual basis and, thanks to its accessibility, the return on investment time is decidedly short.