F2A srl


Company Profile

F2A, a company of the Ardian fund, is a national leader in the activity of outsourcing in the field of Human Resources, Administration, Finance and Control and bases its services on constant technological research, to respond flexibly to the demands of the Italian and international market.

F2A has over 50 years of experience in services for the Finance Directorate: from full outsourcing of accounting and balance sheet services, to outsourcing of Back Office activities, without forgetting accounting consultancy, including the scope of national and international accounting standards.

Our services are:

  • Outsourcing of accounting, balance sheet and reporting services
  • Back Office Administrative
  • Accounting assistance
  • Accounting advice and IAS/Ifrss
  • Tax and corporate consulting and compliance

F2A allows companies to benefit from various outsourcing models:

Outsourcing: the customer outsources, in whole or in part, to F2A activity that it considers not core but critical, like as an example the accounting and the administration, the annual and consolidated financial statements, the directional reportistica, the fiscal and corporate implementations.

Back Office Administrative: F2A activities characterized by high transactional volumes that require attention, quality, tight timing and competitive costs.

Accounting Assistance: The customer can ask to be supported in different fields such as the support of internal resources for the transfer of know-how or for the management of arrears/ peaks of work, the replacement of staff absent for maternity or turnover.

Consultancy: it ranges from consulting and formulating opinions on work topics - necessary to understand the complicated Italian regulatory landscape - to accounting and administrative consultancy, up to management consultancy.  With the establishment of the STP F2A Professional we are able to directly offer the necessary tax and corporate advice to companies.

The services of F2A can be supplied also through the formula of the c.d. Bpo To, that it concurs with the companies to transfer to F2A the management of an entire or more processes with the Resources in charge to the same one. The BPO represents the optimal solution in order to have a leaner and performing organization, managing at the same time to contain the costs and not to renounce to specific competences.

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