eShop Logistic s.r.l.

Company Profile

eShop Logistic S.r.l. (ESL) represents the essence of ecommerce: innovative, fluid, flexible, creative, reliable. With over ten years of experience, it offers Logistics and Shipping services from its headquarter in San Zenone al Lambro (Milan).

ESL has offices in Central Italy (Latina) and in Chicago. Thanks to the international network called "Smart Logistics", it actively covers most of Europe.

Inbound (unloading, quantity and quality control, vas);

Storage (pallets, shelves, hanging garments);

Outbound (Pick&Pack, packaging material, vas);

Returns management (receipt, quality and quantity control, vas);

National and international shipments (express couriers, postal, LTL, FTL);

are just some of the services offered by ESL for the B2C sector but also for the B2B, Omnichannel.