Company Profile

We are Eeever Digital Agency, the web agency in Modena that knows how to provide the right tools to bring out your digital potential. By definition, potential is something waiting to manifest itself and when it reveals itself to our eyes, it surprises us and overwhelms us with positive energy! We accompany customers on a path of mutual growth, establishing a Win-Win partnership: we identify untapped potential, share goals and work side by side to achieve them.


Our team is made up of professionals with decades of experience in:

Web Development and Web Integrations:

We design high-conversion e-commerce with a user-centric focus, from interface design to integrations with web marketplaces, but not only: we create SEO-optimized content and take care of the online sales strategy, providing continuous assistance for every need of the customer and accompanying him on a path of sustainable growth over time.

Brand Identity and Creativity:
Every business needs a brand identity and creativity to be able to distinguish itself from the competition and express its uniqueness: this is why we take care of brand identity, coordinated image, art direction and copywriting at 360 degrees.


Digital Marketing and Strategy:
We create multi-channel digital, social media and content marketing strategic plans to increase the number of e-commerce conversions and acquire new loyal customers, even going beyond the limits of organic traffic through paid advertising campaigns and online advertising designed for the goal to reach.