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Company Profile

Oltre La Media Group is the meeting point between the world of creativity and the world of business, a ‘town square’ where communication sector professionals contribute daily to grow the ecosystem of communication.
In the coming months, an exclusive location offering traditional and digital publishing, events, training and awards will be inaugurated in Milan.

Touchpoint is the editorial platform of Oltre La Media Group, a place where creativity and enterprise meet and grow together by connecting communication agencies, media centers, dealerships, and production companies with heads of marketing, communications and events.

The heart of the platform Touchpoint is made of three publishing channels: Touchpoint Magazine, Touchpoint Today and Touchpoint.news

Touchpoint Magazine is a hard copy monthly publication that focuses on the creative approach used for a structured communication and effective business strategy to promote critical and innovative thinking reaching beyond these activities.

Touchpoint Magazine is a vital tool for companies in the world of Italian communications.

Touchpoint Today is the b2b digital newspaper dedicated to innovation.  With its focus on news devoted to the creative world and marketing, it gives the reader an accurate daily snapshot of the market.  Offering precise and detailed insights into current events and on the main players in the market, it ensures the reader a summary of news in a single authoritative format, cutting through the overload of modern communication.

It arrives every day at 7 a.m. in your mailbox and can be read on any device.

Touchpoint.news is the website where you can find the top stories from the Italian world of creativity in real time. Providing an information hub highlighting our activities, it includes a multimedia area and will soon host webinars.

Beginning June 2020, Oltre La Media Group will organize Touchpoint Days and Touchpoint Awards comprising three digital platform events dedicated to specific areas of communications:  Engagement, Identity and Strategy. These events promote the culture of communication and the development of the enterprises through the tool of the creativity.