Company Profile

EdgarBot is a software that integrates an Artificial Intelligence (AI) to answer tickets and categorize them in a much smarter way than the “dumb bots” that exist at the moment, which are based on keywords.

EdgarBot can respond correctly, indistinguishable from a human, 90% of the time. In the remaining 10% of the answers, the agent only needs to apply minor changes to the text. Also, it can categorize tickets based on complex algorithms. For example: it can send a notification if a VIP customer sounds particularly frustrated or angry.

EdgarBot was designed to help customer support managers better manage tickets while minimizing human intervention. The system is easy to implement, and does not require a complex infrastructure. Once the model is trained and implemented, the agent simply pushes a single button to copy EdgarBot's response and send it to the customer.

EdgarBot is an ideal solution for companies with a high number of tickets that want to reduce customer support costs by offering a quality service without the need for human intervention (or with minimal intervention).