Company Profile

For over 25 years, eBay has been one of the largest and most dynamic eCommerce platforms in the world and it is committed to promoting a business model based on creating opportunities that support businesses’ growth, integrating online and offline channels.

In fact, over the years, eBay has moved from being an auction website for the sale of second-hand items among individuals to a marketplace where 80% of the items are new and over 90% of the total value of the goods sold derives from fixed price objects.

Today, eBay’s community brings together more than 150 million active buyers worldwide, including over 5 million in Italy where over 35 thousand Italian professional sellers, especially Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, work and find in the online marketplace a partner to boost their business.

Indeed, eBay’s differentiating value in comparison to other eCommerce players is that eBay does not sell and does not buy anything directly, but it connects buyers and sellers, providing the tools for a fast, safe and accessible shopping experience from any device.

For this reason, eBay is a partner and never a competitor of Italian businesses that, thanks to the online, can overcome geographical boundaries and get access to a truly global market: just think that in Italy almost 7 out of 10 professional sellers on eBay export their products all over the world

In recent years, eBay has been a driver for growth also for those areas of the Italian territory that historically suffered from economic difficulties. For example, Campania and Puglia regions, which still have significant unemployment rates, rank respectively first and third in the special digital density ranking in Italy, which measures the number of eBay sellers per 10,000 inhabitants. Additionally, almost half (48%) of the Italian businesses that in 2017 registered more than 1 million dollars revenues on eBay.it comes from the South (28% comes from the North and 24% from the Center).

These data best tell what eBay believes in: creating value together. This embodies the spirit of the marketplace, which assumes that every seller must be able to reach as many buyers as possible, often by integrating the online channel with the offline presence.