DVA Express

Company Profile

We connect companies and people with what is really important in their lives through fast, reliable and cost-effective transportation of documents and goods.  


With offices in ITALY, the UNITED STATES and BULGARIA, we provide customized solutions that optimize the logistics structure of companies and e-commerce. Our integrated solutions, deep knowledge on international markets, strong collaborations with recognized national and international partners and our high tech level makes our offer the ideal and cutting-edge solution for companies that need to compete worldwide.  


DVA Express provides all the tools required to calculate the cost of transportation and customs duties online and in real time around the world. In addition, our platform maximizes conversion through the Landed Cost Guarantee service with secure customs costs for traders and buyers. Companies choose DVA Express to expand and increase their revenue across the globe. Dva Express provides Web Services and APIs, for any kind of integration.  


Our services are unique and perfect to stand out from the competition, satisfying our customers' demands on customization and flexibility is our mission: to break down all logistics barriers and offer all-in-one solutions.