Company Profile

Babelee is a hi-tech company of the Doxee Group that enables companies and digital agencies to automate  video production from data through its proprietary and patented platform. The Babelee platform enhances data by creating personalized and interactive video experiences for consumers, improving brand engagement and ROI through increased conversion rates. 

Babelee can capture any type of data from CRM, ERP, and Marketing Automation systems, purchasing and propensity information generated by AI and Machine Learning systems, and  all data related to service renewal. 

In every deployment scenario, Babelee creates communications for online advertising and lead generation, creates editorial video content, and simplifies complexity with effective data visualization. With its highly intuitive interface and video automation features, the platform creates and distributes millions of videos in moments.  

Babelee ushers in the era of video-data-telling, transforming data into unique experiences and effective communications.  

Learn more at www.babelee.com