Company Profile

DNAFactory is a young company whose core business is the development and consultancy of ecommerce projects based on Magento and Magento2. Despite its young age, DNAFactory immediately entered Europe thanks to the strong and mature experience of our engineers and developers as well as the agreements and partnerships with other EMEA companies.

Our partnerships and our certifications Trustpilot Partner Onestepcheckout Partner Clerk.io Partner ManoMano Partner MultisafePay Partner 3x Magento Frontend Developer certification 4x Magento Developer certification

Our strengths Magento and Magento development2 - Magento / Magento performance optimization2 Competitor analysis with proprietary repricing and scouting platform Conversion optimization with UX analysis (both Desktop and Mobile) Advice and analysis of all IT processes of the merchant - Beyond the web platform for example: Optimization of the shipping / dropship flow, analysis of fiscal document flows or analysis of integrations with external services Workmanlike integration of Onestepcheckout (For example: particular attention to the conversion rate and the choice of the required fields as well as the payment methods) Migrations from old / other platforms to Magento / Magento2 (in a workmanlike manner - also taking into account SEO problems)

We have collaborated with​: ERP ZucchettiAdHoc Revolution, Atelier98, SAP BusinessOne, Danea EasyFatt, xProme, TooEasy, FattureInCloud

Marketplace e Marketplace Integrator ManoMano, ShoppingFeed, Lengow, M2e, ePrice, cDiscounts

Payment System: AmazonPay, MultisafePay, Paypal, Gestpay, ePositivity, Payplug, Constriv, Stripe, Braintree

Shipment and Carriers BRT Easyspedweb, GLS WebLabeling, SDA Sistema Completo, gSped, DHL

Search Engine and recommendation system Algolia, Clerk.io , Factfinder, Prudsys, Doofinder, cVetta, ElasticSearch, Solr

Feedback system Trustpilot, eKomi, RecensioniVerificate, Feedaty

Marketing e tracker Mailup, Mailchimp, Sendinblue, VeInteractive, Criteo, GTM, Analytics, Enhanced Ecommerce, SalesManago, MagNews, Bing, GoogleAds, TagCommander, FbAds/Instagram, idealo, trovaprezzi, shoppydoo, lionshome

Hosting: Neen, Serverplan, Seeweb, host.it, OVH, Hetzner, godaddy,

Others: Netrivals, Pricefy, jMango360, Wordpress/Fishpig

Some of our customer:
Giordanoshop | CarilloBiancheria | Ausilium | CentroChitarre | DigitalBay | Fantastik | LookAtHome | Foscam | Melluso | Giosal | SottoIlCavolo | Liberotech | Safte SPA | Omegor | bestway