DHL Express

Logistics, Supply Chain & Packaging

Company Profile

DHL is a global leader in the logistics industry. With a global presence in more than 220 countries, DHL combines an extensive network with in-depth knowledge of local markets and customs procedures.

DHL Express for eCommerce supports businesses that sell online, offering state-of-the-art services and anticipating market needs, through an accurate and effective logistics strategy, combined with the development of solutions aimed at accompanying the customer during all phases of the Customer Journey.

DHL Express makes available to merchants Web Services & API, the services of validation and real-time data exchange directly from their website. In addition, for all eCommerce merchants developed on eCommerce platforms or marketplaces, DHL has created DHL eCommerce Shipping, a unique technology solution that offers the ability to streamline back-office activities for order and returns processing and updating.

Merchants will be able to offer customers a simple and secure shopping experience, where the product price is clear, transparent in all its components, including transportation costs and customs charges.

With the innovative On Demand Delivery system, the consumer will be able to customize the delivery of his purchase directly online, according to his own commitments. A unique service thanks to which you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and meet the demands of customization and flexibility.