Company Profile

Datatrics is a Customer Data Platform that enables small and medium-sized marketing teams to unify (first-party) data from all sources, both online and offline, and deliver personalized customer experiences to increase conversions and ensure a return on investment.


Datatrics' CDP is easy to use and intuitive, so that it can be used effectively by all marketing teams; it features a drag-and-drop editor, allowing content to be created without programming skills. Datatrics enables the creation of advanced marketing strategies, from email marketing automation to dynamic recommendation content creation. 


The main features of Datatrics are:

  • Creation of 360° Audience segments, to segment users based on their characteristics and behavior within the website, with the ability to connect to external adv or email provider platforms. 
  • Creation of product recommendations and embedded content with same site look & feel with drag & drop editor, with recommendation strategies based on Datatrics AI.
  • Creation of personalized Customer Journeys to show relevant content to users based on their different purchase stages.
  • Creation of email marketing automation flows.