ShoppingVerify di Casa del Consumatore


Company Profile

Casa del Consumatore is a national association of consumers and users, born in December 2000, which operates throughout the national territory and aims to inform, assist, and protect the rights and interests of consumers of goods and services.

The association created ShoppingVerify, an online shopping review site active since 2014, thanks to funding from the Ministry of Economic Development.

ShoppingVerify contributes to the development and transparency of online commerce, inspiring and adopting the guidelines of UNI (Italian Standards Authority) Reference Practices 34/2017 for the collection of reviews of online purchases.

The site is a safe place for information exchange among consumers and between consumers and online stores.

  • The consumer can read other users’ reviews to check the reliability of an online store, and can leave comments after completing an online purchase, to advise other users.
  • E-commerce business owners are guaranteed the opportunity to interact directly with their customers, responding to published reviews, and ensuring assistance where it is needed.

By collecting selected and verified reviews available for everyone, ShoppingVerify can break down the natural distrust that is created when you come into contact with a new store, and both parties are guaranteed the impartiality that characterizes ShoppingVerify, since it is managed by a dedicated team of our consumers' association.

E-commerce business owners are offered advice and a wide set of services by Casa del Consumatore, to get involved and improve the quality of their online stores, to pay constant attention to the relationship with the customer.