Company Profile

Bracchi Group is a dynamic organization with almost a hundred years history. Founded as a local transport company, it is now one of the most important logistic operator in Europe, in particular in highly specialized niche sectors. Through the supply of high added value services, the company has strengthened its image and has demonstrated to be able to meet the needs of heterogeneous customers, and it is now supplier of international companies who are leaders in their sectors. Our customers can rely on us for any logistic and distributive need in Italy, in Europe and in the world.


For over 10 years Ecommerce Logistics has been one of our specializations. The management and the execution of these kind of orders needs new logic as they are more different from the traditional ones. The orders from e-commerce companies coming, with no constant rhythm, from thousand different users sited in very different and also distant among them geographical areas, not so easy to reach during different moments of the day. The quantity of parcels to be sent changes from order to order and the timing during the execution and delivery of the order can proclaim the success or failure of the whole virtual shop. We have also developed the Truckpooling platform in recent years, a courier comparison and online shipment booking service that is among the first in Italy.