Company Profile

Athics is an Italian cognitive science company, that operates on the market to make innovation accessible to everyone, in order to enhance the ability to achieve any goal.
In line with this view, Athics has developed artificial intelligence solutions, such as Crafter.ai, a Conversational AI platform for chatbot creation, and PortrAIt, a  psychometric profiling technology that detects users' main personality traits during real-time conversations.

Crafter.ai is a No Code SaaS - Software as a Service - platform that allows everyone to easily create and deploy the latest generation chatbots.
Crafter.ai is based on an innovative "bricks architecture" that allows users to independently select the chatbot's behavior and assign additional functionalities to the conversational flow.
PortrAIt is the psychometric profiling solution that results from 12 years of research by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Bruno Kessler Foundation of Trento. PortAIt detects the main psychometric traits of the interlocutor in real-time, by analyzing the "function words" used within a few rounds of conversations and consequently allows you to anticipate the best suitable content and communication style for every single interaction.